Everything Falls Together When Our Destinies Intertwine

During the overwhelming want for freedom, Eve and her two best friends find themselves moving in the same path as the three strangers who will entangle into their lives with the goal of leaving Colorado. As soon as they get a taste of freedom chaos unravels around them, trying to stop them at every turn. Between the growing drama between strangers and a government who is out to get them they are forced to make strong sacrifices to survive. As the problems pile up it bounds them to rely on each other and the friends they have made along the way. How will six homeless teenagers find their way to peace when the world is against them?

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About The Book

Eve and her two best friends fall in line with three strangers who
will entangle in their lives after the escape. Eve has dreamed of
leaving Colorado while her best friend Autumn has been planning
it out. Meelo, a guards son only agrees to go to provide his insight
and protection. Lela, a spoiled rich girl and her hero complex twin
Calder are brought into the plan by Autumn. Upon discussing their
plan to leave they are saved by the unlikely hero Braxton, who is a
wanted criminal for thief and murder. They escape and find
themselves homeless in Chicago, battling with each other and the
people who want them dead. Eve gets an under the counter job
under a man who has bad intentions for her. Calder is brought into
the work place to help with the money situation. After Braxton is
mugged on the street they are forced to stay with Casimir, who
is a friend they found from the truck driver who took them to
Chicago. Along the chaos of themselves and the situations they
stumble into, Lela finds out she is pregnant right before Autumns
unexpected death and Eve’s attack. They are forced to relocateto a
coworker of Calder.

Along the way they find themselves in many problems which has
them bound to rely on each other and the friends they have made.

-Katy Michelle-

About The author

“A state of chaos, I know how that feels. The experiments doubled and
went on longer than anyone would have thought. In a state formed strictly
by classes, I got the brunt of the injustices. The only thing that keeps us
going is the fear of the torture that’ll be inflicted upon us if we stop.

Several years in the future a state has been blocked off for an
“experiment” that has gone on way longer than expected. A group of
strangers brought together by luck manage to escape the state with their
lives on the line. But it’ll be hell trying to get away from the government
that will do anything to force them to keep their mouths shut.”

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